Who We Are Jazz on the Vineyard (JOTV) Events benefit Student Achievement Through Opportunity (SATO)

Student Achievement Through Opportunity (SATO)

Founded in 2011, Student Achievement Through Opportunity (SATO) is a Hartford, Connecticut based organization dedicated to closing the opportunity gap and committed to addressing challenges of academic achievement for minority and low income students through programs providing both academic and cultural enrichment opportunities.

SATO seeks to assist middle school students in broadening their sense of possibility, and provides support as they pursue access to higher education. At SATO, we believe student success involves
creating opportunities that address the impediments our young scholars face. By addressing the “achievement gap”, SATO provides students with a unique opportunity to move beyond traditional approaches to education, learning and life. SATO exists in close collaboration with educators, schools, students and parents equally committed to increasing the development of talented young scholars who will realize their potential and be poised to assist and elevate their local communities.

Jazz on the Vineyard (JOTV)

JOTV returns for the 10th year to Martha’s Vineyard with an amazing afternoon of entertainment in support of SATO’s core initiatives to decrease the opportunity gap for students in the Greater Hartford area. 

Celebration raising funds to benefit SATO’s programmatic agenda while also connecting SATO Board members with our generous donors and supporters. Proceeds from all 2021 JOTV10 events will assist SATO as it executes a programmatic agenda focused on providing important academic and cultural enrichment for talented middle school students. Support SATO and buy tickets now!